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Who We Are

The El Paso Emergency Squad consists of 40 full and part time employees. Currently, the 12 full time employees consist of 9 Board Certified Critical Care Paramedics. Our part time staff includes EMT-Basics, EMT – Intermediates, paramedics, flight paramedic and nurses both ER and flight.

El Paso requires their advanced level providers to possess certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), International Trauma Life Support Advanced (ITLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for the Health Care Provider.

Providing a high level of service requires developing competence from pursuing rigorous educational opportunities. The El Paso Critical Care Transport team holds additional trainings which are taught by doctors, nurses and technicians of specialized fields presenting advanced skills. The trainings result in Critical Care teams treating and transporting the acutely ill or injured on interfacility transports for area hospitals.

El Paso Emergency Squad is a member of the McLean County Area EMS System. The majority of our 911 calls result in patients being transported to Carle BroMenn Normal IL. or OSF St. Joseph Hospitals Bloomington IL.le

Our Mission

“The mission of El Paso Emergency Squad is to improve the health, safety and security of our community by providing high quality emergency medical services and healthcare transportation.”

Meet Your Leadership Team

Our staff is always here to help you in the time of need. We are opened 24/7 for you and your family. 

Jeannie Mekley, EMS Chief

Jeanie Mekley, CCP-C

Chief of El Paso EMS

Brittany Hamilton CCP-C, Gold Shift Lead Medic

Brittany Hamilton,

Gold Shift Supervisor

Loren Kaeb,

Red Shift Supervisor

Jack Hendricks,

Black Shift Supervisor

Our Units











Our History

El Paso Emergency Squad was Born

A group of volunteers formed the El Paso Emergency Squad. The local funeral home (Froelich) provided a van to use as an ambulance.

First Revenue

Revenue was generated with the passing of the first ambulance tax.

Hard Work Paid Off

El Paso became one of the area’s first all-volunteer Paramedic squad.

Four Employees
Hiring First Employees

Due to lack of volunteers El Paso hired 4 full time personnel.

El Paso Critical Care
Birth of El Paso Critical Care Transport Service

Additional revenue was needed to fund the unprofitable emergency services.  John Longman, Randy Stroud, and Doug Volker completed a nationally recognized Critical Care Paramedic Program.  In cooperation with the McLean County Area EMS and IDPH, The El Paso Critical Care transport service was launched.

6 Employees

El Paso expands full time personnel from 4 to 6 to provide ALS service 24/7

Board Certified
Region's First Board Certified Service

The 3 Critical Care Paramedics become Board Certified, making El Paso Critical Care Transport the only service in the region staffed with Board Certified CCPs at that time.

First EMS Chief
Karen Krug

EES hires Karen Krug as its first fulltime EMS Chief.

Becoming a part of El Paso Fire Protection District
Joining El Paso Fire Protection District

EES now is officially part of the El Paso Fire Protection District. In the past, EES was an independent nonprofit organization contracted by the fire district to provide ambulance service.

New Building
Purchase of 700 S Fayette

El Paso Fire Protection District purchased property at 700 S Fayette, which enables the fire department and EES to be housed at the same facility.

13 Employees

EES now has 13 fulltime personnel providing 911 service to the El Paso area and Critical Care transport to the surrounding hospitals.

Second Ambulance

A second critical care transport ambulance is now being staffed

IA Med Course

EES hosted an IA Med course of which 40 participants from throughout the United States attended.  El Paso filled 15 spots which resulted in more Board Certifications for El Paso CCT.

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